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The Wirral peninsular lies between the river Mersey and the river Dee in the North West of England.  With a diversity of locations and activities the Wirral is a great opportunity for the photographer.

Wirral Photography Forum

Wirral Photography Forum is an on line forum for photographic enthusiasts based around and local to the Wirral peninsula.

Colin Brothwood Photography

Stock Photography

If you work at it hard enough you can make money selling your photography through the online stock agencies. Some people are voice disappointment while others say they make a little money. Those that claim to make a good second income from selling royalty free images often state that they work a few hours a day uploading many images.


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It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

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2nd Lieutenant Edward Owens D.C.M.

dedicated to 2nd Lieutenant Edward Owens D.C.M. Who was killed in action on Thursday, 27th June 1918 and  is buried at TANNAY BRITISH CEMETERY, THIENNES, Nord, France Panel Number: Plot 3. Row C. Grave I.


Origins in the 1800’s Shropshire, Stafford in England, where there were Iron workings, you would find the name Brothwood. Amongst the 124 names listed in the 1881 British Censes

Nature and Wild Life


After the destruction of a number of ponds in my local area Wirral in the Northwest of England', due to commercial development, I decided to build a pond in my garden and populate it with Frog spawn that I collected from the doomed ponds.

Easy Budget

Nothing is for Free! as they say and maybe its true? But  look around Easy Budget  and you may find a bargain or even something for free.

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original photographic images rendered in a printable format which can then be used as an assistance to paint.